DAS students’ testimonials

Radmila Mirzayeva MD
Trial Coordinator, Epicentre - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)


My experience of studying at the DAS Management of Clinical Trials course has been beyond my expectations thanks to the abundance of skills that I have gained, the welcoming warmth of the organizing team and the professional opportunities that were consequently opened to me thanks to this experience. The organization of the course was impeccable: modules were practical and organized very well. The perfect balance of studying three days a month allowed me to plan my time between work and study. I also appreciated the opportunity to discuss with the course lecturers, who were renowned scientists and professionals from Europe and Switzerland.

I had always wanted to coordinate a clinical trial in Former Soviet Union Republics, where the attitude to clinical trial is quite sensitive. Acquiring such a diploma and taking part in a comprehensive internship at the University Hospitals of Geneva allowed me to get my dream job. It has been one year since I joined the Epicentre/MSF as a trial coordinator of an international multicentre trial on Tuberculosis. Every single aspect which I have learnt during the DAS course has helped me in my current work. Therefore, I would absolutely recommend this course, I have really enjoyed it.

Laure Vallotton MD
Coordinatrice du Centre de Recherche Clinique du Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois


EN- As a medical doctor involved in coordination and management of clinical trials in an academic clinical research centre, the DAS in Management of Clinical Trials set up by the University of Geneva has allowed me to develop extensive knowledge and acquire many tools in order to implement Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines. I appreciated the format of this course (7 modules over one year, permitting to pursue a professional carrier), the diversity of the teachers (perspective of clinical research from both academic and industrial environments), and the numerous workshops allowing to practice newly acquired theory. I would particularly recommend this diploma to any medical doctor involved in management of clinical trials as investigator or any individual more generally involved in the coordination of such projects.

FR- En tant que médecin impliquée dans la coordination et la conduite d'essais cliniques au sein d'un centre de recherche clinique académique, le DAS en gestion des essais cliniques mis sur pied par l'Université de Genève m'a permis de développer des connaissances approfondies et d'acquérir de nombreux outils pour mettre en œuvre les Bonnes pratiques des essais cliniques. J'ai apprécié le format de cet enseignement (7 modules répartis sur une année, permettant de poursuivre une activité professionnelle), la diversité des enseignants (permettant d'avoir un point de vue de la recherche clinique tant en milieu académique qu'en milieu industriel), et les nombreux ateliers permettant de mettre en pratique les connaissances théoriques nouvellement acquises. Je recommanderais ce diplôme particulièrement à tout médecin impliqué dans la conduite d'essais cliniques en tant qu'investigateur ou à toute personne plus généralement impliquée dans la coordination de tels projets.

Baris Gencer MD
MD, Service de Cardiologie des Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève

EN- Through this training, I learnt about key players and important challenges in the management of clinical research. I recommend this course to all medical doctors who would like to pursue an academic carrier in clinical research with quality knowledge, which is more than necessary in this profession as far as responsibility and complexity are concerned.

FR- Cette formation m'a permis de connaître les acteurs clés et les défis importants entourant la gestion des essais cliniques. Je recommande cette formation à tous les médecins qui souhaitent continuer une carrière académique en recherche clinique avec des connaissances de qualité, ceci étant plus que nécessaire vue la responsabilité et la complexité qui caractérise cette profession.

Claudia Di Tommaso
NPD Senior Scientist, Formulation, GSK Consumer Care


The DAS training has been very useful in my work, as it helped me for developing documents for clinical trials, including research protocols. Besides, it also changed my way to think about research.

Simon Badoud
PhD, Postgraduate Clinical Scientist, Novartis


Trained as a Neuroscientist at the University of Geneva and at the University of Fribourg, I have always been interested in the translation of new therapies form the preclinical to the clinical frames. During ma doctoral studies, I felt the need to fill the gap between those two worlds and decided to apply for the "DAS in management of clinical trials" in order to position my career in this field. This program provided me a broad overview of the different aspects related to clinical trials and gave me the opportunity to get directly in touch with highly experienced people coming from both academia and pharma industry.  I am deeply convinced that the DAS allowed me to make the difference in this highly competitive field, opening me new professional perspectives. I would recommend it to anyone desiring to acquire specific knowledge or to make the move to the private sector.  

Sabine Bavamian
PhD, Governance Manager, Swiss Biobanking Platform


I always had a strong interest for medical research. For this reason, I was inclined working towards clinically-oriented research projects. When appointed as a Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at the Broad Institute of Harvard and the MIT in Cambridge (MA, USA), I was involved in both clinical and academic research settings on projects related to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The worlds of academic and clinical research both fascinate me. But trained as a biologist, I was not certified to perform clinical research. Therefore, back to Switzerland, I was motivated to bridge the gap between these two worlds and I attended the DAS “Management of Clinical Trials” which allowed me to gain both theoretical and practical skill sets I needed to reach this goal. I really enjoyed this very comprehensive and well-designed course: the format (lectures with hands-on exercises), the choice of the modules and the high quality lecturers made this course very valuable. I strongly recommend this course, which will open many doors to your career and offers many professional opportunities. The knowledge I gained during this course is clearly an added value for my current position where I work closely with physicians and researchers.

Anthony Nichols
PhD, Preclinical Principal Scientist GSK Consumer Healthcare


EN- The DAS course allowed me to familiarize myself with the world of clinical research, particularly in good clinical practice. My DAS internship in data management at the Clinical Research Center in the Geneva University Hospitals brought to me practical notions which helped me greatly in my role as Clinical Manager in a Phase I clinical study being carried out in a start-up. Furthermore, this course helped me to obtain a job in Consumer Health, where the link between preclinical and clinical studies is very narrow.

FR- La formation DAS m’a permis de me familiariser avec le monde de la recherche clinique et surtout aux bonnes pratiques cliniques. Mon stage de DAS en data management au Centre de Recherche Clinique des HUG m’a aussi amené les notions pratiques qui m’ont grandement aidé pour mon rôle en tant que Clinical Manager d’une étude clinique de phase I effectuée dans une startup. De plus cette formation m’a aidé à décrocher un job dans le Consumer Health où le lien entre les études précliniques et cliniques est très étroit.